Converting the shed to airbnb

I’ve been telling my partner that she was nuts for a while now, but now I’m regretting it.

  • With housing prices at an all-time high and a seriously competitive rental market, it would seem that we could stand to make money in our own backyard.

Of course, I’m talking about my partner’s desire to convert our family shed into a tiny rental property. I thought It was impossible that we could make some money, but apparently the tiny home industry is very much a thing. As such, we have been renovating the shed for a few months. We began with the heating, cooling, and air quality control options. As you know, a shed does not have very much indoor air. This means it will end up being hot or freezing cold, depending on the current weather conditions. The two of us knew that we wanted to put a very good HVAC device in the shed before we attempted to renovate anything else. The two of us went out and purchased two mini split ductless heating and cooling systems, one for the lower-level and one for the upper level. With these small heating and cooling units me and my wife have been delightfully comfortable every day, no matter what the weather is outside. We have excellent air conditioning on sizzling afternoons and plenty of warm air when the temperatures decline. We will eventually make the shed a small rental property, but I could happily live in this superbly climate controlled setup myself.


HVAC equipment