Hate the grocery story

Believe me when I say I will do anything I can to avoid going into the grocery store.

I am one of those people who happily opted for curbside delivery back in the pandemic and I have continued to do so.

I hate going into any store, but grocery stores are especially annoying for me. Part of it is the various human beings slowly bumping into each other in every aisle. I’s also the rapid fluctuations in air quality and air temperature as you move from area to area. For instance, the deli area is usually quite warm when they have hot foods being prepared. But not far from there, you enter the freezer department where it is brutally cold even if you are sporting a jacket. I hate these rapid swings in indoor air temperature as I struggle to do my shopping. I find myself covered in sweat and then immediately covered head-to-toe in goosebumps as I enter the refrigerated section. Why can’t they find a way to manage these huge changes in indoor air temperature with a better HVAC system. I’m aware that they could not have the same temperature throughout the entire store, but perhaps zone controlled HVAC would help. That way they can adjust the temperatures in areas of the store that are too hot or too cold. With zone controlled heating and air, I know that I would be so much more comfortable. Plus, I would stay in the store for longer and spend more money.


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