AC won't work

My fiance & I have a pretty nice attic in our home.

Not many of years ago, I decided to make some renovations to the attic so the kids could use the space as a play area.

All of us got rid of the old ladder that wasn’t really stable & I built a ladder that can hold up to 600 lbs & a 6.9 earthquake. When both of us made the renovations in the attic, both of us added a sofa & a loveseat, armchair, TV, & a ductless A/C unit. It was really sizzling in the attic, especially while in the summer time & the ductless A/C device was necessary. All of us also had family that came to visit while in the summer time right after both of us finished the renovations & my fiance insisted that both of us had to make sure that the space was comfortable by adding a ductless A/C unit. All of us never had any issues from the time that the idea was installed, but the ductless A/C device stopped working for the first time in 2 years. Not many of mornings ago, my fiance & I were in the attic with the kids & both of us were playing a board game. The kids were being noisy & both of us were all laughing. I heard the ductless air conditioning make a loud noise & then it abruptly stopped. I’m going to have to call someone to make the repairs, because I do not think the first thing about the equipment. I truthfully think that both of us had a several-year warranty on the unit, so I hope that both of us can still have the equipment checked for free.


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