My garage with less odors

I can no longer claim a locale in the HE MAN club. I have lost the ability to open our garage door to the world. This is a key element in that club along with putting your feet up in HVAC controlled comfort. I’m not afraid of being robbed or having a wild pet go deranged in there. I can’t open the garage door and leave it open because I am embarrassed by how trashy it has become. It must have been a few years ago that I just completely gave up on attempting to keep the garage looking good. The people residing inside our condo are the 1s who are ultimately responsible for our garage shame. It started innocently enough. My wifey wanted to put a few boxes out in the garage. Then the children began to accumulate a number of sports gear and many other junk that ended up in our garage. Soon, stuff was just everywhere. I fought back. There were hooks for the bikes and all kinds of racks to organize the other gear, however but it was all for naught. Before long, the vehicle wouldn’t even fit in there and then we just gave in. So, I called the HVAC guy to see if he could at least help me air out the garage through ventilation. It odored horrible and he was able to repair that with an exhaust fan. It sucks out the terrible air so at least the garage doesn’t assault the senses with it’s random mixture of VOC’s. Could this be our first step to getting back our MAN card? One can only hope. Maybe there will come a day when I can once again hoise the garage door and just stand outside in our driveway enjoy a real man.

HVAC repairman