Space heaters have replaced the need for my forced air furnace

I have a traditional split style HVAC system installed in my house.

The air handler houses an air conditioner and an electric furnace, which attaches to ductwork installed in my attic.

Even though I live in a fairly mild climate, I tend to use my air conditioner on a daily basis throughout every time of the year outside of the winter season. Sometimes I run my air conditioner just to control the moisture levels indoors, since the rampant humidity can cause discomfort and lead to air quality issues. It’s not the most energy efficient method to dehumidify my indoor air, but it’s the best approach I have at my disposal. Unfortunately, although my system does a fairly good job at cooling my home, the electric furnace attached is anything but effective. The ductwork seems to have a harder time insulating the heat from escaping into the attic compared to when I run the a/c and need to keep cool air from escaping instead. It took me years to figure out that it was the poor design of a fan-forced system that was to blame for my inefficient central heat, not merely the brand and model furnace I owned. I lacked the money to try radiant flooring of any kind, but I discovered these great space heaters that are built to look like fireplaces. The one I found on a special sale at a nearby furniture store has a place for a large TV where a traditional mantle is located on a real fireplace. It even has shelving on either side of the middle section where the heat emanates from. Aside from the remote controls, I love how beautiful and elegant it looks, and how amazingly effective it is at maintaining a comfortable indoor environment even during the most intense winter cold snaps. I don’t think I could ever go back to a fan-forced setup after owning one of these amazing space heaters.

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