Heat pump 1 day, undefined the next

My partner as well as I had really weird thresholds when it comes to getting cold, then he feels cold when the temperature dips below 69 degrees in the house, and i do not think cold unless it is 60°, but the two of us often have minor disagreements about when to turn on the heat while I was in the cold Wintertide season.

Since the two of us live in a part of the country with mild hot as well as cold temperatures, the two of us often wait until November or February to use the heat pump… Honestly, I do not mind waiting that long because it saves a ton of money on our electric bills.

The two of us spend a lot of money to run the A/C all summer, as well as I adore taking a break from the high utility bill; Last year the hot as well as cold temperatures were a bit cold overnight as well as my partner wanted to turn on the heat pump. I proinspected for a few nights as well as finally offered in as well as turned on the thermostat. The two of us ran the heat pump for 3 nights, while the outdoor hot as well as cold temperatures were in the 50s. I woke up after the second day as well as the indoor temperature was 70 degrees. The outdoor temperature was 20 degrees higher than the previous day. I immediately went to the thermostat to turn on the My partner didn’t want me to turn the back on, but I wasn’t going to sit around in the house feeling uncomfortable. I would much rather deal with cold, freezing hot as well as cold temperatures than deal with heat, humidity, as well as the feeling of discomfort. I do not mind if my partner complains about the indoor hot as well as cold temperatures, as long as our electric bill stays in the $200 range this winter.

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