Something i didn’t know about ductless mini splits

As they say, if you read a lot you can learn something new every single day of your life. This was for sure the truth for me with what I recently found out about ductless mini split air conditioning systems! I had read that you can actually turn a ductless mini split air conditioning unit into a ductless mini split heating system as well! You can have your ductless mini split as a full on heating and air conditioning system in your home! It was shocking to me that I found a lot of people were doing this sort of thing to save money on their monthly electric bills. These days, with the rising cost of energy use, saving energy on the way you heat and cool your home plays a big part in being able to control the cost of those energy bills. Any energy saving tips website will tell you this. After reading about creating ductless mini split heating and air conditioning, I decided that this was a rout that I wanted to go myself. My electric bills had been quite high all Summer, and I am almost scared to see what this Winter was going to bring. So I went out and bought 2 ductless mini split systems and am in the process now of having them converted over to heating as well as the air conditioning that they already are! My local heating and air conditioning contractor is doing this for me for a really good and decent price. This Winter I will be saving money on my energy bills for sure!

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