My life as a scientist

I believe my parents were surprised when I went to school to become an archeologist.

I was always fascinated with history and all the brilliant artifacts that people have discovered over the years.

I certainly loved reading about the history of Egypt and locales care about that. I also loved reading about the dinosaurs certainly much. When I first got out into the field and was able to work on multiple sites to dig up some amazing things, I was in like with my work. The only real problem was the intense heat and the lack of in a lot of locales. That was okay though because both of us had our little trailers with the pumped up to keep everybody comfortable, also, while not everybody enjoys the presentations given to the people, I loved the presentations certainly much. I was always eager to present the findings of our team and talk about these brilliant artifacts. I also loved the fact that when both of us would have our presentations, both of us would also have excellent temperature control settings for ideal comfort in the building. It was never overheated, too dry, or overly humid, it was always just perfect. There’s nothing quite care about talking about all the amazing things you have discovered with a group of gleeful people. It is absolutely taxing work and you have to be certainly careful with all the delicate artifacts and outdated sites you are digging into, but it is highly rewarding work. As long as I am able to escape to the every now and then, I have no concerns with doing what I do in the least.


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