I want to live in a warmer climate

It is too cold outside for my liking.

I wish that it was still summertime.

I used to enjoy fall, however the older I get the more I don’t enjoy fall because it means that the winter months are right around the corner. I just don’t do great with the cold weather. I usually keep my house at about eighty-five degrees during the fall and winter time months which almost everyone thinks is crazy, but I really like to be nice and warm in my house. I don’t use a/c in my house during the summer time months because that is just not my thing. I really don’t like to have cool air blowing at me even during the summer time months. My favorite days are when it is above ninety degrees outside. My friends and family think that I am crazy, but I honestly don’t care what they think. I am not a cold weather person at all. I have thought about moving south, but I don’t want to leave my family and friends behind. I would miss them terribly. If I could just get all of my family and friends to move south with me, that would be great. I feel that is not realistic though. I may just have to deal with the cold weather here for the rest of my life. I normally turn on my oil furnace by the end of August to ensure that it is nice and toasty in my house. I don’t usually turn my oil furnace off until June, so I use my oil furnace most of the year. I swear that my oil furnace is my best friend.


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