HVAC will be hidden again if I can just get the hedge to grow

So I really thought I was being a good dad.

When I was a kid, there was no hanging around all day inside the air conditioning in my dad’s house.

That just wasn’t going to happen. And sitting around playing asteroids in the quality heating and air of the house all day was definitely not going to happen. But dad was also very cool about this sort of thing as well. He didn’t so much as yell and threaten when it came to laying down the law when it came to summer activities. Instead, he showed me how to do really good yard work in order to get out and make some money. Dad let me use his equipment as long as I took care of our yard as well. It was a great summer job which taught me a lot about independence and the value of earning a dollar. So I thought I’d do the same for my kid when I noticed that all he was doing was hanging out inside the air conditioning with the online gaming. But a lesson in trimming the hedge ended up with the privacy hedge that hides the HVAC equipment being cut to low. And that violated some inane HOA rule about HVAC units not being able to be seen from the street. I’ve gotten the threatening letter and have replied very honestly. So now, I’m just willing that hedge to grow so it blocks the view our our HVAC equipment. I’m hoping I can stall the HOA long enough for the hedge to fill out and this not to be a problem any longer.


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