Geo heat pump is just what we were hoping for

Building a house actually wasn’t the full on nightmare that I had been led to believe that it was.

What a bonus that it right? My wife and I spent about four years actively planning and designing our first home building project.

There were plenty of late night in the air conditioning in front of the computer doing research on just what we wanted. We knew that for sure, this would be our only chance at a custom home. So we really wanted to understand what we wanted and how to get it. That was never more true than when it came to the quality heating and air in our new home. The house we raised our kids in was a nice house. We got married really young and immediately started a family. We lucked out on that house big time. And, we made some upgrades along the way as well which included the latest in residential HVAC when we listed it. The money we made off that home was even more than we had hoped so we were able to go with lots of other stuff. One of those was the geothermal heat pump. This was the sort of HVAC upgrade that we always wanted. The geo heat pump is just so efficient and sustainable. It’s the only HVAC equipment that utilizes the near constant temperature of the earth to extract heating and cooling energy. Plus, the geothermal heat pump will last nearly forty years as well. We’re still not but in our mid forties and this might be the last HVAC unit we ever need.


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