Geothermal is a safe, energy efficient solution

I recently spent a great deal of time researching unusual types of heating in addition to cooling options, my hubby in addition to I were in the process of planning our new home! Building a lake house from scratch is a big project with a whole bunch of important decisions, i didn’t want to make a mistake that we’d regret for the next twenty years.

In the section where we live, we need temperature control throughout the year.

Rather than purchase more than one separate units, I hoped to find a system that would supply both heating in addition to cooling, and energy efficiency was also a major priority. I actually liked the sounds of an electric heat pump… This type of Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C system doesn’t burn fossil fuels to generate heat. There’s no combustion, flames, fumes or chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. When I checked into the unusual models of heat pumps, I came across geothermal systems. While a geothermal heat pump is way more extravagant to both purchase in addition to install, it pays for itself in energy savings. Most people reclaim the investment in under five years. The geothermal heat pump draws from the relatively stable underground temperature, taking advantage of a free energy source. It simply moves heat between the ground in addition to the home, switching direction of operation depending on demand for either heating or cooling. The system we chose features a high efficiency MERV filter that ensures exceptional indoor air quality. It traps dust, pollen in addition to all sorts of allergens in addition to effectively circulates the air to keep it feeling fresh in addition to clean. The system not only handles our heating in addition to cooling, but also supplements our hot water needs.

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