More women should be working in the HVAC industry

Something that is surprising to me is the fact that there are not a whole lot of female HVAC technicians out there.

Women are able to handle things just as well as men can, so there really should be more ladies in the HVAC industry.

I have been getting my HVAC system maintenance for a long time and I have never even had a single female HVAC technician come to my house. I even asked my HVAC company once if they had any female HVAC technicians. I guess they thought it was kind of a strange question, but they did say they had one female HVAC technician. I was happy to hear that there was at least one. I said it was a shame though because there should be more and they agreed with me. I kind of feel like it would be a good idea to go and earn my HVAC certification just so that I can eventually start up my own HVAC company that hires more ladies. We should also be pushing this more in schools that ladies can do anything they want in life and nothing should hold them back. I don’t really even get why traditionally this is the type of work for only men. I definitely want my daughter to know that she can do just about anything she wants, including being an auto mechanic or an HVAC professional. I don’t want her to see things like a majority of people saw things in the past. This is a new age where everybody needs equal treatment and equal pay for their work.



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