I remember having no heating system

I remember what it was like to not have a heating system during the winter.

I can assure you that having to survive a few weeks in the winter without a furnace or other heating system is probably the worst and most miserable thing that you will ever have to experience.

I grew up in a very poor home, and it is my parent’s fault. They could have had jobs, but they were too lazy. They chose to live off of the government. Sure, they always had food and health insurance, but they couldn’t afford to pay basic utilities like water and electricity often. Sometimes, the electricity got shut off for weeks at a time until they were able to get a job long enough to pay it off. For a kid, having no electricity was boring. However, it was also terrible when it was winter. Without a furnace, the days drag on. It only takes a few days before the temperature inside your house matches the temperature outside the house without a furnace. Sometimes, we would use the gas oven to heat our home because we just couldn’t stand not having a furnace. Cold showers didn’t feel great, and there was no furnace to warm you up. I remember not having a furnace for a few weeks before finally, a family member let us stay with them until my parents were able to get the furnace running again. It was one of the most miserable times of my life. As an adult, I have never had my furnace off for longer than a day, and the furnace was never off because I couldn’t pay my bill.

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