My cousin was in a motorcycle accident on a highway in Detroit

Ever since my cousin started riding motorcycles 15 years ago, all of his family members have collectively worried about his safety. Although Michigan sits somewhere in the middle for the total number motorcycle accidents compared to other states, we all still worry immensely. The day might come where we get the horrifying phone call announcing his death. Still, we have all come together to try to dissuade my cousin from constantly riding on busy highways on the outskirts of Detroit. We don’t want him to get pummeled on I-94 or I-75 while he’s on his way to work in the mornings. He called us one day to say that he fell off his bike on Eight Mile Road at one-o-clock in the early morning hours. Then a few months elapsed and he was involved in another accident on his bike, this time he was forcefully rear ended on his way to Warren to visit friends. He had to find a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. It was important to us that we not only find a reputable personal injury attorney, but that we settle with one who has ample experience with negligent motorcycle accidents. We wondered if we would find someone suitable, but thankfully the Michigan Bar Association recommended several great attorneys to choose from, many offering certain services, “pro bono,” or for free. The first Detroit lawyer we spoke to on the phone was wonderful; he was patient and compassionate towards my cousin’s situation. Hopefully we’ll find a way to get the negligent driver’s insurance to cover my cousin’s hospital bills.

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