I figured it was best to pass on my dream home

I have been looking for my own property for a long time now. A few years ago, I was laid off from my task and after that I was told that I had a rare illness with racked up medical bills. These were bills which I couldn’t afford! I ended up losing my property, and I had to transfer back in with my parents… Even though I was at a pretty serious low point for a while, I finally started getting things back up and on the bright side again. I have enough money to start looking for my own place again. I am not actually picky, and I have seen quite a few properties I liked. But a single home in certain, I just loved. It had elegant brick, and had columns inside. It was remarkably elegant, and was pretty small which was ideal for me. It only had a single flaw, the HVAC equipment. Apparently when I asked about the heating and cooling equipment in the property, it obviously was broken pretty bad! The previous owners never bothered to get their HVAC equipment repaired. They were willing to take the price down a little bit for the messed up HVAC equipment, however I was actually hesitant to buy a new place separate from working air conditioning equipment. Even if the property’s price happened to be cheaper, the last thing I wanted to do is buy a new property and have a costly repair waiting for me. As much as I hated to do it, I decided to skip out on my potential dream house, and just keep looking for something else. It’s honestly better to get a new property cheaper however complete with everything compared to a new property that is still costly with a severely costly repair in the waiting.


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