Need to build muscle in my arms

It took me a while to recognize that my various workouts neglect my arms. I tend to target leg and butt muscles. I will make it a point to add an ab workout every now and then. Arms rarely get any attention. Now and then, I will perform some handstands or a few push ups, but that is about it. I can tell when examining myself in the mirror that I skip arm day. I have extremely strong legs with clear muscle definition everywhere. My butt is nice and hard, and it doesn’t jiggle at all. I can see the beginnings of a six pack shaping up in my belly area. My arms look as if I have never worked out or lifted anything in my life. They are too thin from wrist to shoulders. I am making an effort to do better and concentrate more on my arms this year. I want to tone up the last area of my body. I don’t want to get into hardcore weightlifting or add bulk to that I end up looking like The Rock or Charlie Hunnam. I am just looking to be more all over fit and use my arms to lift more than food into my mouth. I recently discovered that the personal training center near my home offers various types of fitness classes. I can sign up for yoga, cross fit, physical training, spin and even kickboxing. I have spoken to a trainer at the gym and learned that there are classes to train mainly the upper body. This sounds ideal for me, although I am a bit worried about it. I am concerned that it will be too challenging too soon. Right now, my arms are barely able to handle ten push ups a session.



Cross fit