Weight loss is so much easier for my husband

I don’t know if it is simply because I am a woman, or a slow metabolism.

Maybe it is because I maintain myself in good physical condition, but losing weight is much more difficult for me than for my husband. I have to make really big changes if I want to see any results in my body. I need to practice serious diet alterations such as getting rid of sugar, cheese and pasta completely in order to lose that extra two pounds in my tummy area. I believe that if I commit myself to doing a series of push ups at the end of every workout, I see a minor improvement in my arms. Running longer and faster, swimming extra laps and adding distance to my biking workouts don’t seem to make any different at all. I simply look the same no matter what I do. I am a fit person, but not built to perfection. I should be totally happy with my body because of the work I put into it. I believe if I want to achieve the next level, I’d need to hire a certified fitness expert. I’ld need to either get into a group fitness class or private training if I wanted to create a celebrity level body. My husband frustrates me. He never works out, doesn’t watch what he eats or make any effort to improve his physical appearance. If he gets a little heavy, all he needs to fix it is to jog for twenty minutes a day. Recently, he has been doing some extra yard work around the house. He is bending, lifting and raking up leaves a few mornings a week. My husband has already lost ten pounds and looks way better. It is rather discouraging that he can lose so much weight and define his muscles by simply doing a few crunches when I can’t manage to achieve that with constant dedication.


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