HVAC systems make my world go ‘round

I absolutely don’t want to live in a world without modern electronics.

I could never survive without the awesome luxuries that the people I was with and I have today! Look, I wasn’t born in a time when humans were barely surviving on the earth.

Why would I last now? I don’t care to live like that anyway, and you can’t motivate me to go camping and try it out, either. Air conditioning systems and heating systems are a necessity for me, as I haven’t the slightest clue about building a fire or using a fireplace to provide warmth on a cold night. Furnaces are awesome because they are so convenient, but without a furnace, I would probably die from having no heat to keep me warm in the winter. Heating systems job to keep me warm throughout the entire day and night though, so I never have to be concerned about being too cold and freezing to death! Air conditioners are even better than furnaces in this region especially, as they keep me from being tormented day and night by the constant heat that comes with the summer. Air conditioners lower both the temperature and humidity, as they help me to survive through those sizzling weeks without issue. Taking the cooling systems away would make me the most miserable man on earth! I don’t suppose what I would do. I would entirely have to relocate to a place that never had sizzling air! The same would be true without a furnace, as our world’s climate can’t change too much or I will have nowhere comfortable enough to call my home.

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