Gym membership fees are decreasing in January

Junk mail is a terrible waste of our natural resources.

There are thousands of trees cut down every single day, just so my mailbox can be filled with a bunch of junk. I never read the junk mail, but it’s filled with flyers, magazines, and subscription requests. Last week, I was happy to see the flyer in the mailbox. The flyer was from the gym on 5th Street. My family and I are members of the gym on 5th Street. They have karate classes for free, as long as you are a member of the gym. The flyer was an advertisement stating membership fees would be at a very low rate beginning in January. The new membership see was much lower than our monthly amount. I immediately contacted the gym to inquire about our own membership fees. Sure enough, our gym membership fees will be decreasing in January as well. Right now, our family pays $129 every month for our gym membership. Anyone in our family can attend that gym and use all of the facilities. It’s pretty nice, because that includes an indoor track and pool. These are great features during the hot summer months. In January, the gym membership fees will be decreasing to $99. That is a significant savings. Between the amenities and free education classes, I think we were already getting good deal. When my wife got home from work, I told her the great news. She was excited as well. Her sister has been thinking about becoming a member, and this will be the perfect reason to make the move sooner.



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