Factors to consider when buying a new chiller

There are a few major factors to consider when purchasing a chiller for your business.

One thing to consider that is extremely important are the initial costs to set up your chiller. If you require more than one killer, you can be looking at tens of thousands of dollars. The installation costs vary widely depending on the size of the building and the amount of work needed. Floor space is another important item to consider when choosing a killer. Portable chillers don’t take up much space, but they don’t work as well as central chillers. Central chillers can be found outdoors, on top of the building, or even in a large room of their own. You can even hire a company to remotely manage the system and watch for problems. Chillers can be especially noisy, and this is a huge topic for discussion. If the noise levels are quite high, operations inside of the building can be affected. Another item to consider is the performance of the machine. Portable chillers have a single pump, while large chillers use multiple pumps to help during the evaporation process. Since every case is different, it’s important to understand if a central or portable chiller will work best for your application. Talk with a licensed professional and ask a lot of questions so you can explore the many different types of technology available on the market today. If you still find yourself unsure what to use, contact a rental agency and set up an appointment to try a few different machines in your business.

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