That was a mistake

For my week long holiday I sprung for the big suite… I was sick of regularly renting the cheapest room in the hotel.

I got the rooftop suite for my boyfriend and I for our trip.

Well the suite was awesome, however all of us had our own dining room, resting area and balcony. It was so classy. When I tried to run the A/C I realized that the plan was busted. I went instantly to the front desk to complain, however the A/C plan was supposed to get repair a week before the two of us arrived. The Heating and Air Conditioning supplier missed our room and the two of us had no AC. The hotel only had the basic rooms left to stay in. The option was the big luxury suite with the jacuzzi tub, balcony and big bed or the basic room that did have cooling. I thought it was a no brainer. I said I would keep the room with no A/C to have the other luxuries, my boyfriend and I could not sit being in the room with no cooling. All of us could not like the resting room or balcony since the two of us were so hot. Who wants to be in a jacuzzi when they are dripping with sweat? All of us spent most of the time outside on the beach and doing activities. I splurged for a big suite that the two of us ignored the whole trip. At night was horrible since the two of us sweated buckets all night long. I should have gotten us the basic room. They would have given me money back and the two of us would have gotten AC. This is fate telling me I am not a big suite guy.

New heating units

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