Careful about lifting weights

I include numerous types of exercises into my workout program.

I do my best to mix things up as much as possible.

Not only do I target a variety of muscle groups, I keep things interesting. It gives the specific muscles time to rest and recover. I hope to improve stamina, flexibility, balance, strength and keep my heart and lungs healthy. I like to run long distances as well as wind sprints. I like to ride the stationary bike and my conventional bicycle outside. I swim, hike, rock climb, jump rope and go through all kinds of squats and lunges. However, my favorite part of the workout is lifting weights. I enjoy picking up a dumbbell, kettlebell, free weight, weighted pole or weighted ball and work my biceps, triceps, shoulders and back. Since I am a 5’3” woman, I would rather not build bulky muscles. I don’t allow myself to utilize any weights heavier than eight pounds. I use high repetition and get creative with the way I lift. I also resist the temptation to lift every single day. On the days off, I focus more on leg muscles and abdominal muscles. I might do regular push-ups and inverted push-ups. I incorporate static holds, where I hold a leg parallel to the floor for a minute. My goal is to accomplish a full-body workout, tone all muscles and optimize my level of health and fitness. I can’t let myself get carried away with straight weight lifting. I want my arms to be toned and slim rather than big and manly.



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