Finally reading up on what a VRF HVAC system is

For a long time I thought VRF systems had to do with stereos or TVs, however it sounds too much appreciate VHS or stereo frequency.

I did not feel what VRF even stood for until recently.

I had fun little ideas appreciate entirely raquote ferrets or vicious rabbits farting. In reality VRF entirely stands for variable refrigerant flow and it has to do with HVAC, however these systems supply off harshly efficient heating and air in commercial buildings… What the system does is change the amount of refrigerant flowing through the system, but different areas of a big building can have heating while others have cooling. It is sort of appreciate HVAC zone control, but separate from the many units. It is just a system of pipes stretched over a big space and all altered by 1 entirely powerful system. The reason for it is that heating and air demands in big spaces change throughout the day. You have people coming in and out adding and taking away heat. The sun changes position throughout the day. There is also lighting and office unit that emit heat. A VRF system can handle the changes and alters its workload in accordance to them. An area is never too hot or too cold, no matter what the internal and external factors are. The unit is so efficient that it can even take the excess heat from 1 area and distribute it to another location that genuinely needs it. I feel that it can be added onto as well. You can add more indoor units that connect to the same outdoor unit.


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