Combating seasonal flu symptom symptoms

Seasonal pollen irritations can be a real pain in the butt for me.

I have adapted my life as best as I can, however it’s still aggravating.

Some medications seem to help somewhat, however they only mask the symptoms and don’t eliminate them. For the longest time, I thought that taking certain medications was my only way of relieving my symptoms. I didn’t consider certain things… My cabin could really use a nice dusting. My HVAC air filters weren’t replaced nearly as often as they should have been. I also hadn’t ever had an air duct cleaning, and my HVAC machine had been installed numerous years ago. I was searching the internet one day for answers as to how I might further lessen the symptoms of my pollen irritations when I came across a website that explained how important cabin cleanliness and your HVAC machine is to feeling relief from your pollen irritations within your home. I strapped on a mask and decided to do some much-needed Springtime cleaning. I changed out the air filter for a fresh one as well. Finally, I called out an HVAC serviceman so that he could clean up my machine and the air ducts as well. The serviceman promised I would be feeling better soon, when I explained my motivation for calling him out. He also proposed that I invest in an UV air purifier to work in conjunction with my HVAC machine to make my air pure and clean. Fast forward a couple weeks after taking him up on the offer, and it’s amazing how much more comfortable it is for myself and others at home!

Heater maintenance